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Moving Companies in Concord, CA - Finding the Right Movers  Movers Concord

moving companies concordMy wife and I finally got a new home into escrow a few weeks ago, and today I was told we are closing escrow in about two weeks. My first thought was how great it would be to finally move into our dream home. Finally, enough bedrooms for the whole family and a yard for the dogs, a big change from our current condo patio.

Then it hit me. Two weeks. That is not much time to find a mover to move everything we have, including all of the stuff we have accumulated in storage over the years in anticipation of this moment.

Suddenly, my mind changed from one of excitement to one of concern over finding the right movers in Concord. It is one thing to think about hiring movers and quite another to choose one. Especially because we have a lot of fragile antiques we inherited from my wife's parents when they downsized to a smaller home.

Who could I trust? I have known movers in my past. Most were less than careful and had no real concern for others' belongings. The last thing I need is to have a box of precious china, or some antique furniture damaged by a careless mover who does not understand the word "fragile."

After doing a significant amount of research online and with friends, I found many things to avoid and other things to look for in choosing the right mover. The first is to avoid anyone that has not been in business for at least ten years. Longevity is a hallmark of reliable service, especially when choosing a local company and following another point I learned, avoiding a nationwide mover. Avoiding nationwide companies is important for local moves because nationwide movers rarely handle jobs themselves. They hire low bidders as sub-contractors or simply hire day laborers.

Other factors in choosing the right mover are finding one that has movers as employees and one that makes it a standard practice to shrink wrap and protect everything. This includes protecting the home itself by using methods that protect carpets and walkways from damage.

The last factor in finding the right mover is choosing one that takes the time to walk your current home and to visit the home that is being moved into. A company that does this can give an accurate estimate than one that relies on guessing about factors that may or may not be present to make a move difficult. It is one thing for me to tell the mover what I think is a challenge and quite another when they look at each site through their experience. Seeing things I would not see, such as parking challenges, extra steps, and stairs, as well as tight corners or doors that may make the job difficult.

In the end, finding the right movers in Concord turned out to be easy. I chose a company that had been in business for over thirty years, had no complaints on record, and had a policy of only bidding a job after visiting both sites. They also had a standard policy of using shrink wrap. All of their workers were actual long-term employees who have a vested interest in providing excellent service and making the moving company successful.

- by John Taylor 6/10/2013