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Movers in Concord CA - Moving Safely  Movers Concord

Movers Concord CA“Lift with your legs,” “do not pack the box too heavy,” “will that fit through the door” - sound familiar? If you have ever moved, those phrases and countless others are all too familiar. Each highlights some physical risk involved in moving.

Most of us want to think that loving ourselves is the best option, but the fact is that most of us are hardly prepared for the toll it can take on our physical well-being. Even if you are extremely fit and regularly exercise, you are still at risk when twisting and turning your body in ways you are not accustomed to when maneuvering large pieces of furniture through tight doorways or up into a truck. Ask any physical therapist or chiropractor, and they will tell you that injuries can occur within a split second when people over-exert themselves to accommodate some irregular situation.

This makes sense. Our bodies and muscles adapt to their regular use. Therefore, when we ask our body to do things out of the ordinary, our muscles are not trained for that motion, and an injury occurs. In most cases, these injuries are temporary and heal within days. Still, it is just as easy to have a minor injury as to hurt your sciatica or back and have to live with pain for months or even years.

In most comparisons, the cost of a professional mover is not much more than the cost of doing it yourself. Movers in Concord are also more than happy if you just hire them to move the more oversized items, so give hiring one a second thought. If you choose to do it yourself, be sure to be careful. Concord has too much to enjoy every week than to be laid up in pain from not spending the little extra hiring a professional moving company.

- by John Taylor 5/13/2013

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